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New Concept for Automation Solutions – Beckhoff XPlanar Motor Technology

Tablemation Solutions Inc. develops OEM custom automation - now featuring the Beckhoff XPlanar Motion Control System – before national and international product release.

Despite hindering factors associated with manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic, many corporations are still in dire need of cutting-edge manufacturing solutions – especially to meet the current demand of the medical industry. Tablemation Solutions Inc., a manufacturing automation solutions provider based in Southern California, was tasked to develop a fully automated pick and place system utilizing small medical components to be tightly orientated into their corresponding packages.

CONUNDRUM - Are robotics solutions always the best answer?

To develop a practical retrofit, Tablemation Solutions needed to overcome certain space limitations inherent with the current system that was in place for their client. It was clear to Tablemation Solutions president, Gary Reed, that a standard robotic solution may not be the best approach. According to Reed “…of course robotics will pay a huge role for developing cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, however they are not the best answer for every application.” Reed’s team of engineers were researching ways to deal with these space limitations on their proposed retrofit application. Reed explained, “should you not have the requisite space to effectively use robotics, you then need to get creative.”

XPlanar System

The Tablemation team have been granted early access to the XPlanar technology well in advance of the full market release of the system.

XPlanar motor technology allows for maximum flexibility to maneuver a part or component magnetically via the XPlanar programable pallet system. Essentially, the electro-magnetic pallets elevate/float above their surface area to move freely and accurately within their provided space. XPlanar movers are capable of traveling, lifting, lowering, tilting, weighing, and rotating with ease and efficiency. Should an application call for it, the XPlanar movers have the added ability to move and operate vertically and upside down at speeds up to 4 m/s, and they are able to move payloads of up to 6kg.

The automation industry is merely scratching the surface on this new technology. Tablemation Solutions Inc., is proud to work with Beckhoff on implementing this technology in their applications.


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